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About Erdkunde

Since foundation by Carl Troll in 1947, 'ERDKUNDE – Archive for Scientific Geography' has established as a successful international journal of geography. ERDKUNDE publishes scientific articles covering the whole range of physical and human geography. The journal offers state of the art reports on recent trends and developments in specific fields of geography and comprehensive and critical reviews of new geographical publications. All manuscripts are subject to a peer-review procedure prior to publication. High quality cartography and regular large sized supplements are prominent features of ERDKUNDE, as well as standard coloured figures.

Current Articles

Impacts of carbon-optimised land use management in Southern Amazonia – multi-disciplinary perspectives: An Introduction
Gerhard Gerold
Experiences of inter- and transdisciplinary research – a trajectory of knowledge integration within a large research consortium
Regine Schönenberg, Jens Boy, Korbinian Hartberger, Charlotte Schumann, Georg Guggenberger, Matthias Siebold, Tobia Lakes, Gabriele Lamparter, Marcus Schindewolf, Rüdiger Schaldach, Claas Nendel, Stefan Hohnwald, Katharina H. E. Meurer, Gerhard Gerold, Michael Klingler
Missing hot moments of greenhouse gases in Southern Amazonia
Katharina H. E. Meurer, Uwe Franko, Oliver Spott, Klaus Schützenmeister, Engelbert Niehaus, C. Florian Stange, Hermann F. Jungkunst
The role of future land-use change in Southern Amazonia to reach the aims of Brazil’s National Climate Plan
Rüdiger Schaldach, Jan Göpel, Michael Klingler
Digging deeper: the value of deep soil carbon for potential REDD+ projects in tropical forest communities in Amazonia
Simone Strey, Jens Boy, Robert Strey, Anna Welpelo, Regine Schönenberg, Charlotte Schumann, Georg Guggenberger
Process-based modelling of the impacts of land use change on the water balance in the Cerrado Biome (Rio das Mortes, Brazil)
Sarina Meister, Rodolfo L. B. Nobrega, Wolfgang Rieger, Ronja Wolf, Gerhard Gerold
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