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About Erdkunde

Since foundation by Carl Troll in 1947, 'ERDKUNDE – Archive for Scientific Geography' has established as a successful international journal of geography. ERDKUNDE publishes scientific articles covering the whole range of physical and human geography. The journal offers state of the art reports on recent trends and developments in specific fields of geography and comprehensive and critical reviews of new geographical publications. All manuscripts are subject to a peer-review procedure prior to publication. High quality cartography and regular large sized supplements are prominent features of ERDKUNDE, as well as standard coloured figures.

Current Articles

Environmental change and its impacts in a biodiversity hotspot of the south Ecuadorian Andes – monitoring and mitigation strategies
Jörg Bendix, Erwin Beck
Canopy evapotranspiration, leaf transpiration and water use efficiency of an Andean pasture in SE-Ecuador – a case study
Brenner Silva, Simone Strobl, Erwin Beck, Jörg Bendix
Assessing the importance of topographic variables for the spatial distribution of tree species in a tropical mountain forest
Daniel Kübler, Patrick Hildebrandt, Sven Günter, Bernd Stimm, Michael Weber, Reinhard Mosandl, Johana Muñoz, Omar Cabrera, Nikolay Aguirre, Jörg Zeilinger, Brenner Silva
Banning goats could exacerbate deforestation of the Ecuadorian dry forest – How the effectiveness of conservation payments is influenced by productive use options
W. Santiago Ochoa M., Carola Paul, Luz María Castro, Liz Valle, Thomas Knoke
Hydro-climatic variability in southern Ecuador reflected by tree-ring oxygen isotopes
Franziska Volland, Darwin Pucha, Achim Bräuning
Phylogenetic niche conservatism does not explain elevational patterns of species richness, phylodiversity and family age of tree assemblages in Andean rainforest
Yvonne Tiede, Jürgen Homeier, Nixon Cumbicus, Jaime Peña, Jörg Albrecht, Birgit Ziegenhagen, Jörg Bendix, Roland Brandl, Nina Farwig
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