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About Erdkunde

Since foundation by Carl Troll in 1947, 'ERDKUNDE – Archive for Scientific Geography' has established as a successful international journal of geography. ERDKUNDE publishes scientific articles covering the whole range of physical and human geography. The journal offers state of the art reports on recent trends and developments in specific fields of geography and comprehensive and critical reviews of new geographical publications. All manuscripts are subject to a peer-review procedure prior to publication. High quality cartography and regular large sized supplements are prominent features of ERDKUNDE, as well as standard coloured figures.

Current Articles

Spatial analysis of hollow ways in the Hildesheimer Wald Mountains (Lower Saxony, Germany) as a model for mountainous regions of Central Europe
André Kirchner, Nico Herrmann, Robin Stadtmann, Timo Lahmer, Lisa-Marie Hille, Thomas Steinbrecher, Martin Sauerwein
Ecological relationships at a near-natural treeline, Rolwaling Valley, Nepal Himalaya: Implications for the sensitivity to climate change
Niels Schwab, Karolina Janecka, Ryszard J. Kaczka, Jürgen Böhner, Ram Prasad Chaudhary, Thomas Scholten, Udo Schickhoff
A novel approach to quantifying the degree of anthropogenic surface transformation – the concept of ‘hemeromorphy’
Péter Rózsa, József Incze, Szabolcs Balogh, Tibor József Novák
Water crisis in the Eastern Hindu Kush: a micro-level study of community-based irrigation water management in the mountain village Kushum, Pakistan
Zahir Ahmad, Fazlur-Rahman, Andreas Dittmann, Kamal Hussain, Ihsanullah
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