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Search help

To find specific articles you have several choices:

Select via issue: directly select a specific year and issue


Search via author, keywords, full text and/or specific time span.

Just type in a name or word. After you typed in three characters of a name or keyword you will get a list of possibe names. Please note that all names are saved in their native spelling (e.g. Björn Müller is spelled this way and not e.g. Bjoern Mueller).

If you don't have special charakters on you keyboard you can e.g. insert it via the Windows Character Map or a keyboard shortcut.


Search is also possible via keywords. After three characters you will get a choiche of matching keywords.

If keyword search is not suitable you can also search via fulltext word(s).

Search limits can be set via search conditions and range of years.

To start a search just click the search button.

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