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Book reviews

Bätzing, Werner: Die Alpen. Das Verschwinden einer Kulturlandschaft
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 331-333 by Marius Mayer
Horstmann, Alexander, Saxer, Martin and Rippa, Alessandro (eds.): Routledge Handbook of Asian Borderlands
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 330-331 by Hermann Kreutzmann
Bolashvili, Nana; Dittmann, Andreas; King, Lorenz and Neidze, Vazha (eds.): National Atlas of Georgia
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 329-330 by Jörg Stadelbauer
Verband der Reservisten der Deutschen Bundeswehr e.V.; Dittmann, Andreas; Riemer, Robert und Teicht, Arnold (Hrsg.): Osteuropa – Konflikte verstehen
Book review Erdkunde 72 (3) 2018, 255-257 by Fabian Thiel
Latour, Bruno: Das terrestrische Manifest
Book review Erdkunde 72 (3) 2018, 253-255 by Helmut J. Geist
Kreutzmann, H.: Pamirian Crossroads. Kirghiz and Wakhi of High Asia
Book review Erdkunde 71(3) 2017, 267-268 by Magnus Marsden
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