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Traces of past bog burning culture in rewetted bog soils (Emsland region, Germany)
Waving the map for national identity: How cartography in Norway and Sweden was used as a nation-building tool in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Object-based mapping and classification features for tropical highlands using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and GEDI canopy height data - A case study of the Muringato catchment, Kenya
Annual ring width in the Mediterranean-alpine shrub species Cytisus galianoi - dataset from long-term alpine ecosystem research in the Sierra Nevada, Spain (LTAER-ES)
Annual ring width in the arctic-alpine dwarf-shrub species Salix herbacea - Dataset from long-term alpine ecosystem research in central Norway (LTAER-NO)
Triple helix in the age of the fourth industrial revolution and the spatial pattern of Hungarian industry
Suburbanization within the city? Exploring suburban lifestyles in the inner-city of Leipzig (Germany)
Codifiability and geographical proximity of supply networks in automotive industry
Spa towns in Germany: Preferred moving locations for older people?
Book review: Benedikt Korf: Schwierigkeiten mit der kritischen Geographie. Studien zu einer reflexiven Theorie der Gesellschaft
Book review Erdkunde 77 (2) 2023, 163-165 by Peter Dirksmeier
Book review: Daniela Gottschlich, Sarah Hackfort, Tobias Schmitt, Uta von Winterfeld (Hrsg.): Handbuch Politische Ökologie. Theorien, Konflikte, Begriffe, Methoden
Book review Erdkunde 77 (2) 2023, 166-167 by Dorothea Hamilton
Mapping framework conditions for societal participation of immigrants - a cluster analysis of medium-sized cities in Germany
Erdkunde 2023-02-05.pdf
Erdkunde 2023-02-06.pdf
The geography of the life-world – Spatialising the social theory of Alfred Schütz
Digital geographies of mundane violence: Outline of an emerging research field and the example of (cyber-)bullying in young people’s lives
Diversity in geography – An analysis of textbooks
Dataset from long-term air quality monitoring in the World Natural Heritage Geirangerfjord, Western Norway (AQM-G)
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