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Science in Silence
Compatibility of family and work: how do families in the Ruhr region/Germany deal with mobility-related challenges?
The use of malacological analysis in studies on anthropogenic transformations in microhabitats: an example from the Cracow region, southern Poland
Third places and educational justice: public libraries in the context of COVID-19
Book review: Markus Krajewski and Rhea Tamara Hoffmann (eds.): Research Handbook on Foreign Direct Investment
Book review Erdkunde 75 (1) 2021, 65-67 by Fabian Thiel
Integration of refugees in rural areas and the role of the receiving society: conceptual review and analytical framework
Continent-wide modelling of potential habitats and connectivity for the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in Europe
Book review: Dirksmeier, Peter und Stock, Mathis (eds.): Urbanität
Book review Erdkunde 75 (2) 2021, 163-164 by Claus-C. Wiegandt
Dendrometer measurements of arctic-alpine dwarf shrubs and micro-environmental drivers of plant growth - Dataset from long-term alpine ecosystem research in central Norway
Climate and environmental context of the Mongol invasion of Syria and defeat at ‘Ayn Jālūt (1258–1260 CE)
Scenarios post foreclosure crisis in Catalonia: accumulation of housing by banks as the first step for the rise of large private landlords
Charcoal producers and the pandemic: effects of COVID-19 in Pokot Central, Kenya
Potential impacts of p2p accommodation on rural-mountain areas. A case study from the Catalan Pyrenees (Spain)
Book review: Ingrid Breckner; Albrecht Göschel and Ulf Matthiesen (eds.): Stadtsoziologie und Stadtentwicklung
Book review Erdkunde 75 (2) 2021, 164-165 by Claus-C. Wiegandt
Nature-based solutions must be realized - not just proclaimed - in face of climatic extremes
Analysing cultural networks in cross-border metropolitan regions. The case of the Upper Rhine region (Germany–Switzerland–France)
Spatio-temporal variation of net primary productivity in a rapidly expanding artificial woodland area based on remote-sensing data
Satellite-based investigation on the surface cooling effects of urban parks and their range – a case study for North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Book review: Günther Maihold, Hartmut Sangmeister, Nikolaus Werz (Hrsg.): Lateinamerika. Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Studium
Book review Erdkunde 75 (3) 2021, 245-246 by Dorothea Hamilton
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