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Spatial analysis of hollow ways in the Hildesheimer Wald Mountains (Lower Saxony, Germany) as a model for mountainous regions of Central Europe
Ecological relationships at a near-natural treeline, Rolwaling Valley, Nepal Himalaya: Implications for the sensitivity to climate change
A novel approach to quantifying the degree of anthropogenic surface transformation – the concept of ‘hemeromorphy’
Water crisis in the Eastern Hindu Kush: a micro-level study of community-based irrigation water management in the mountain village Kushum, Pakistan
Book review_Sonne, Wolfgang und Wittmann, Regina_Städtebau der Normalität. Der Wiederaufbau urbaner Stadtquartiere im Ruhrgebiet_by_Claus-C. Wiegandt.pdf
Book review_Bläser, Kerstin_ Ermessensraum. Zur kalkulativen Hervorbringung von Investitionsobjekten im Immobiliengeschäft_by_Fabian Thiel.pdf
Sonne, Wolfgang und Wittmann, Regina (Hrsg.): Städtebau der Normalität. Der Wiederaufbau urbaner Stadtquartiere im Ruhrgebiet
Book review Erdkunde 74 (1) 2020, 81-82 by Claus-C. Wiegandt
Bläser, Kerstin: Ermessensraum. Zur kalkulativen Hervorbringung von Investitionsobjekten im Immobiliengeschäft
Book review Erdkunde 74 (1) 2020, 82-84 by Fabian Thiel
The production of (in)security in São Paulo: changing patterns of daily actions from the perspective of social practices theory
Towards a definition of lost places
Theory and practice of conservancies: evidence from wildlife management areas in Tanzania
Evolution of alternative food networks in an old industrial region of Czechia
Decentralisation and functional specialisation in super mega-city regions: Changing functional patterns of manufacturing and knowledge-intensive business services activities in the polycentric super mega-city region of the Pearl River Delta
Firm heterogeneity, market relatedness and geographical diversification of export from China
The politics of development geographies: new partners, transdisciplinary perspectives. A conversation with Emma Mawdsley
Reckwitz, Andreas: Das Ende der Illusionen. Politik, Ökonomie und Kultur in der Spätmoderne
Book review Erdkunde 74 (3) 2020, 218-219 by Jochen Burger
O’Donnell, Tayanah; Robinson, Daniel F. and Gillespie, Josephine: Legal geography. Perspectives and methods
Book review Erdkunde 74 (3) 2020, 219-221 by Fabian Thiel
Book review: Seger, Martin: Österreich – Raum und Gesellschaft
Book review Erdkunde 74 (3) 2020, 222-223 by Nadine Scharfenort
The impact of Airbnb on a non-touristic city. A Case study of short-term rentals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Book review_Reckwitz, Andreas_Das Ende der Illusionen. Politik, Ökonomie und Kultur in der Spätmoderne by Jochen Burger.pdf
Book review_Seger, Martin_Österreich – Raum und Gesellschaft by Nadine Scharfenort.pdf
"Book review_O’Donnell, Tayanah
On the path to sustainable energy landscapes? The social shaping of energy landscapes in the face of climate protection measures
Beyond the right to the island: exploring protests against the neoliberalization of nature in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
Revisiting the spatiotemporal characteristics of past and future global warming
Spatial patterns of vineyard landscape evolution and their impacts on erosion susceptibility: RUSLE simulation applied in Mercurey (Burgundy, France) since the mid-20th century
Comparing the agenda setting role of the Pakistani and Indian newspapers in disasters: a case study of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake
Book review: Josephine Gillespie: Protected areas. A Legal Geography Approach
Book review Erdkunde 74 (4) 2020, 317-319 by Fabian Thiel
Book review_Josephine Gillespie-Protected areas-A Legal Geography Approach_by Fabian Thiel.pdf
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