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Social contacts and networks of refugees in the arrival context - Manifestations in a large city and in selected small and medium-sized towns
Klaus Schäfer (Hrsg.): Aufbruch aus der Zwischenstadt. Urbanisierung durch Migration und Nutzungsmischung.
Book review Erdkunde 73 (1) 2019, 77-78 by Claus-Christian Wiegandt
Book review_Schäfer_Aufbruch aus der Zwischenstadt_by C-C Wiegandt.pdf
Book review_Kreutzmann_Wakhan Quadrangle_by Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt.pdf
Kreutzmann, Hermann: Wakhan Quadrangle. Exploration and Espionage during and after the Great Game.
Book review Erdkunde 73 (1) 2019, 78-80 by Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt
Introduction to the special issue: comparing local refugee regimes
‘Urban regimes’ and ‘migration regimes’: contradictions, connections and potentials
Refugee Reception within a common European asylum system: looking at convergences and divergences through a local-to-local comparison
Disenfranchisement in the course of political reorganization. Accommodation and social assistance for asylum seekers in West Berlin and Hamburg, 1973-1982
Making a difference - The accommodation of refugees in Leipzig and Osnabrück
Book review_Erdelen, Walter R. and Richardson, Jacques G_Managing complexity - earth systems and strategies for the future_ by Wolfgang Werner.pdf
Book review_Schmitt, Tobias_Dürre als gesellschaftliches Naturverhältnis – Die politische Ökologie des Wassers im Nordosten Brasiliens_by Dorothea Hamilton.pdf
Book review_Dittmann, Andreas and Gieler, Wolfgang (eds.)_Syrien - Eine Einführung in Politik und Gesellschaft_by_Nadine Scharfenort.pdf
International tourism and urban transformation in Old Havana
The Chinafication of Hollywood: Chinese consumption and the self-censorship of U.S. films through a case study of Transformers Age of Extinction
The multi-dimensionality of space - an analytical framework for the empirical investigation of the production of place
Evaluation of urban encroachment on farmland: a threat to urban agriculture in Peshawar City District, Pakistan
Geopolitics - Thick and Complex. A conversation with Gerard Toal
Erdelen, Walter R. and Richardson, Jacques G.: Managing complexity: earth systems and strategies for the future
Book review Erdkunde 73 (2) 2019, 156 by Wolfgang Werner
Schmitt, Tobias: Dürre als gesellschaftliches Naturverhältnis – Die politische Ökologie des Wassers im Nordosten Brasiliens
Book review Erdkunde 73 (2) 2019, 156-157 by Dorothea Hamilton
Dittmann, Andreas und Gieler, Wolfgang (Hrsg.): Syrien. Eine Einführung in Politik und Gesellschaft.
Book review Erdkunde 73 (2) 2019, 157-159 by Nadine Scharfenort
Retrospect and prospect of research into China’s equipment manufacturing innovation network. Introduction to the theme issue.
Advancing the structured analysis of regional innovation in China. Integrating new perspectives in a comprehensive approach.
Geographical proximity vs network tie: innovation of equipment manufacturing firms in Shanghai, China
Spatial differentiation of China’s industrial enterprise R&D efficiency
The evolution of cross-border M&As and innovation strategies: evidence from Chinese construction machinery firms
Regional differences in population aging in Europe viewed through prospective indicators
Book review_Thibault, Jean-Claude and Cibois, Alice_Birds of Eastern Polynesia - A biogeography Atlas_by_Falk Huettmann.pdf
Thibault, Jean-Claude and Cibois, Alice: Birds of Eastern Polynesia: A biogeography Atlas
Book review Erdkunde 73 (3) 2019, 241-243 by Falk Huettmann
Disentangling the geographical logic of Airbnb in Switzerland
On the influence of mountain and heritage tourism in Georgia: the exemplary case of Ushguli
Aspects of Late Weichselian deglaciation in South Norway: timing of deglaciation, ice sheet geometry, and climate variations inferred from surface exposure ages of Late Pleistocene and Holocene landforms
Effect of diversified performance metrics and climate model weighting on global and regional trend patterns of precipitation and temperature
Analysing wildfire occurrence through a mixed-method approach: a case study from the Croatian Mediterranean
Book review_Monheim, Heiner_Wege zur Fußgängerstadt - Analysen und Konzepte_by_Mathias Wilde.pdf
Monheim, Heiner: Wege zur Fußgängerstadt: Analysen und Konzepte
Book review Erdkunde 73 (4) 2019, 343-344 by Mathias Wilde
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