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Regional green belts in the Ruhr region. A planning concept revisited in view of ecosystem services
The perception of geography among the German population. Findings of a representative survey
The scale of risk: conceptualising and analysing the politics of sacrifice scales in the case of informal settlements at urban rivers in Nairobi
“Dear Neighbours ...” a comparative exploration of approaches to managing risks related to hazardous incidents and critical infrastructure outages
Hurricane-riskscapes and governmentality
Understanding social vulnerability to climate change usinga ‘riskscapes’ lens: case studies from Ethiopia and Tanzania
Why is there change in travel behaviour? In search of a theoretical framework for mobility biographies
A warmer and greener cold world: summer warming increases shrub growth in the alpine and high Arctic tundra
The production of a national riskscape and its fractures: nuclear power facility location policy in South Korea
Investigating Holocene mountain glaciations: a plea for the supremacy of glacial geomorphology when reconstructing glacier chronologies
Social practices of flood (risk) management – a visual geographic approach to the analysis of social practices in an empirical case in Chiapas, Mexico
Negotiating the riskscapes of convenience food
Riskscapes editorial
Latour, Bruno: Das terrestrische Manifest
Book review Erdkunde 72 (3) 2018, 253-255 by Helmut J. Geist
Verband der Reservisten der Deutschen Bundeswehr e.V.; Dittmann, Andreas; Riemer, Robert und Teicht, Arnold (Hrsg.): Osteuropa – Konflikte verstehen
Book review Erdkunde 72 (3) 2018, 255-257 by Fabian Thiel
Riskscapes revisited - Exploring the relationship between risk, space and practice
Extreme low flow and water quality – a long-term view on the River Elbe
Book review_Latour-Das terrestrische Manifest_by Helmut J Geist.pdf
Book review_Verband der Reservisten der Bundeswehr et al-Osteuropa-Konflikte verstehen_by Fabian Thiel.pdf
Changing workplaces in the creative process in creative industries – the case of advertising and music
Landscapes and soils of North Sea barrier islands: a comparative analysis of the old West and young East of Spiekeroog Island (Germany)
Scalar politics in Philippine urban disaster management: reframing metropolitan governance for local resilience and sustainability
Exploring the socio-spatial inequalities of Airbnb in Sofia, Bulgaria
Book review_Bolashvili et al_National Atlas of Georgia_by Jörg Stadelbauer.pdf
Book review_Horstmann et al_Routledge Handbook of Asian Borderlands_by Hermann Kreutzmann.pdf
Bolashvili, Nana; Dittmann, Andreas; King, Lorenz and Neidze, Vazha (eds.): National Atlas of Georgia
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 329-330 by Jörg Stadelbauer
Horstmann, Alexander, Saxer, Martin and Rippa, Alessandro (eds.): Routledge Handbook of Asian Borderlands
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 330-331 by Hermann Kreutzmann
Bätzing, Werner: Die Alpen. Das Verschwinden einer Kulturlandschaft
Book review Erdkunde 72 (4) 2018, 331-333 by Marius Mayer
Book review_Bätzing_Die Alpen-Das Verschwinden einer Kulturlandschaft_by Marius Mayer.pdf
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