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Baobabs on Kubu Island, Botswana – A dendrochronological multi-parameter study using ring width and stable isotopes (δ13C, δ18O)
Dendroclimatology using tropical broad-leaved tree species – a review
Age and growth rate of congeneric tree species (Hymenaea spp. - Leguminosae) inhabiting different tropical biomes
On the suitability of Cariniana estrellensis (Raddi) Kuntze for dendroclimatic studies: the problem of chronology building and trends in lifetime growth trajectories
Regional disparities in the Philippines: structural drivers and policy considerations
Towards establishing a new environmental archive – Annual growth periodicity, stable carbon isotope variability and reconstruction potential of 'Akoko (Euphorbia olowaluana), a native Hawaiian tree with C4 photosynthetic pathway
Tree ring studies in the tropics and subtropics
Book review_Leibundgut, Christian und Vonderstrass, Ingeborg_Traditionelle Bewässerung – ein Kulturerbe Europas. by H Kreutzmann.pdf
Book review_Baumeister, Christian_Unternehmensübergreifende Finanzierung in Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken_ by C Scheuplein.pdf
Leibundgut, Christian und Vonderstrass, Ingeborg: Traditionelle Bewässerung – ein Kulturerbe Europas
Book review Erdkunde 71(1) 2017, 93 by Hermann Kreutzmann
Baumeister, Christian: Unternehmensübergreifende Finanzierung in Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken: Potenziale und Grenzen am Beispiel der Automobilindustrie in Deutschland und in Brasilien
Book review Erdkunde 71(1) 2017, 94-95 by Christoph Scheuplein
How scale matters in translocality: uses and potentials of scale in translocal research
Reintroduced mowing can counteract biodiversity loss in abandoned meadows
Vegetation and climate interaction patterns in Kyrgyzstan: spatial discretization based on time series analysis
Kardulias, P. N. (ed.): The Ecology of Pastoralism
Book review Erdkunde 71(2) 2017, 167 by Hermann Kreutzmann
Book review_Kardulias, P N_The ecology of pastoralism by H Kreutzmann.pdf
Impacts of carbon-optimised land use management in Southern Amazonia – multi-disciplinary perspectives: An Introduction
Experiences of inter- and transdisciplinary research – a trajectory of knowledge integration within a large research consortium
Missing hot moments of greenhouse gases in Southern Amazonia
The role of future land-use change in Southern Amazonia to reach the aims of Brazil’s National Climate Plan
Digging deeper: the value of deep soil carbon for potential REDD+ projects in tropical forest communities in Amazonia
Process-based modelling of the impacts of land use change on the water balance in the Cerrado Biome (Rio das Mortes, Brazil)
Book review_Kreutzmann - Pamirian Crossroads-Kirghiz and Wakhi of High Asia - by Magnus Marsden.pdf
Kreutzmann, H.: Pamirian Crossroads. Kirghiz and Wakhi of High Asia
Book review Erdkunde 71(3) 2017, 267-268 by Magnus Marsden
Comparison of the performance of three types of multiple regression for phenology in Bavaria in a dynamical-statistical model approach
Impact of airports on spatial patterns of metropolitan employment: the case of Australia
Bank branches as places of knowledge creation: conceptual considerations and empirical findings at the micro-geographical scale
Small and medium-sized towns in Switzerland: economic heterogeneity, socioeconomic performance and linkages
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