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Regionalization of wind-speed data to analyse tree-line wind conditions in the eastern Andes of southern Ecuador
Strategic planning, the real estate economy, and the production of new spaces of centrality. The case of Mexico City
Sub-alpine periglacial morphology of thufur on the southern rim of Vlasina Lake, Serbia
The process of population ageing in countries of the Visegrad Group (V4)
Irrigation in Upper Hunza: evolution of socio-hydrological interactions in the Karakoram, northern Pakistan
Book reviews 2015 [1]
Phantom borders in the political geography of East Central Europe: an introduction
The electoral geography of Poland: between stable spatial structures and their changing interpretations
Phantom borders and electoral behaviour in Poland. Historical legacies, political culture and their influence on contemporary politics
Measuring phantom borders: the case of Czech/Czechoslovakian electoral geography
Shadows of the past: Common effects of communism or different pre-communist legacies? An analysis of discrepancies in social mobilization throughout Romanian regions
Methodological limitations in studying the effect of (inter)ethnicity on voting behaviour, with examples from Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia
Spatial Multidimensionalities in the Politics of Regions: Constituting the ‘Phantom Region’ of Central Germany
Book reviews 2015 [2]
Insights from large ensembles with perturbed physics
Spatial simulation of job location mobility of highly qualified employees in Mainfranken
High mountain societies and limited local resources - livelihoods and energy utilization in the Eastern Pamirs, Tajikistan
Uncertainties in the assessment of future temperature and precipitation extremes in Central Europe
Towards an understanding of land consumption in Germany – outline of influential factors as a basis for multidimensional analyses
Book reviews 2015 [3]
Towards responsible geographies of memory: complexities of place and the ethics of remembering
Rapid urban growth and earthquake risk in Musikot, mid-western Hills, Nepal
University-business collaboration as perceived by leading academics: comparing and contrasting the two most innovative Czech regions
Winter melt conditions of the inland ice cap on King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Book reviews 2015 [4]
"Book review_Bondyrev, Igor V.
Book review_Becker, Peter_Armutsminderung durch Dezentralisierung in Kambodscha. Anspruch und Wirklichkeit ambitiöser Entwicklungsvorhaben_by Fabian Thiel.pdf
Book review_Amey, Frank und Ringel, Johannes_Hg_Hotspots der Stadtentwicklung. Methoden, Praxis und Perspektiven zur gemanagten Stadt_by Katharina Hackenberg.pdf
Book review_Dürr, Heiner und Zepp, Harald_Geographie verstehen. Ein Lotsen- und Arbeitsbuch_by Hans-Rudolf Egli.pdf
Book review_Kegler, Karl R._Deutsche Raumplanung. Das Modell der „Zentralen Orte“ zwischen NS-Staat und Bundesrepublik_by Klaus Fehn.pdf
Book review_Schmidt-Lauber, Brigitta_„Die verkehrte Hautfarbe“. Ethnizität deutscher Namibier als Alltagspraxis_by Andreas Dittmann.pdf
Bondyrev, Igor V.; Davitashvili, Zurab V. and Singh, Vijay P.: The Geography of Georgia
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 365-366 by Jörg Stadelbauer
Becker, Peter: Armutsminderung durch Dezentralisierung in Kambodscha
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 367-368 by Fabian Thiel
Amey, Frank und Ringel, Johannes (Hg.): Hotspots der Stadtentwicklung
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 368-369 by Katharina Hackenberg
Dürr, Heiner und Zepp, Harald: Geographie verstehen. Ein Lotsen- und Arbeitsbuch.
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 369-370 by Hans-Rudolf Egli
Kegler, Karl R.: Deutsche Raumplanung. Das Modell der „Zentralen Orte“ zwischen NS-Staat und Bundesrepublik
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 370-372 by Klaus Fehn
Schmidt-Lauber, Brigitta: „Die verkehrte Hautfarbe“. Ethnizität deutscher Namibier als Alltagspraxis
Book review Erdkunde 69(4) 2015, 372-373 by Andreas Dittmann
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