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Resilience refused. Wasted potentials for improving food security in Dhaka
Resilience in the face of changing living conditions in Guangzhou, China – insights and perspectives from psychology
Giving comfort, dispelling fear: social welfare at the shrine of Data Ganj Bukhsh in Lahore, Pakistan
Negotiating public space for livelihoods: about risks, uncertainty and power in the urban poor’s everyday life
Coping with the impacts of severe flood events in Dhaka’s slums – the role of social capital
What is social resilience? Lessons learned and ways forward
Risk and resilience in Asian megacities
Book reviews 2013 [1]
The effects of land use change on atmospheric nutrientdeposition in Central Sulawesi
Education and development in the Karakorum: educationalexpansion and its impacts in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Amazonian Dark Earths in Bolivia? A soil study of anthropogenic ring ditches near Baures (eastern Llanos de Mojos)
Using quadtree representations in building stock visualization and analysis
Spatial targeting of land rehabilitation: a relational analysis of cropland productivity decline in arid Uzbekistan
Book reviews 2013 [2]
Woody vegetation of a Peruvian tropical dry forest along a climatic gradient depends more on soil than annual precipitation
Livelihoods in scarcity – combined rainfed farming systems in Ishkamesh, Afghanistan
Climate change – it’s all about probability
Spatial dimensions of soil sealing management in growing and shrinking cities – a systemic multi-scale analysis in Germany
Some observations on tourism developments in a peripheral region and the validity of global value chain theory. The Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco
Book reviews 2013 [3]
Land abandonment and the dynamics of agricultural landscapes in Mediterranean mountain environments: the case of Ribagorça (Spanish Pyrenees)
Climate change and mountain pastoralism – the Shahsevan of Northwest Iran
Investigations into the distribution and diversity of shallow eroded areas on steep grasslands in Tyrol (Austria)
Differences between recent and historical records of upper species limits in the northern European Alps
Evidence for the temperature-mitigating capacity of urban blue space – a health geographic perspective
Book reviews 2013 [4]
Book review_Becker, Johannes M. und Sommer, Gert_Hg._Der Libyen-Krieg. Das Öl und die Verantwortung zu schützen by Andreas Dittmann.pdf
Book review_Bork-Hüffer, Tabea_Migrants’ Health Seeking Actions in Guangzhou, China by Stefan Hennemann.pdf
Book review_Deffner, Veronika_Habitus der Scham – die soziale Grammatik ungleicher Raumproduktion by Martina Neuburger and Katharina Schmidt.pdf
"Book review_Fahry-Seelig, Tamara
Book review_Gehl, Jan_Leben zwischen Häusern_by Claus-C. Wiegandt.pdf
"Book review_Haffke, Jürgen
Book review_Klemme, Marion und Selle, Klaus_Hg_ Siedlungsflächen entwickeln. Akteure. Interdependenzen. Optionen by Ludger Basten.pdf
"Book review_Knappe, Elke
Book review_Lipton, Michael_Land Reform in Developing Countries_Property Rights and Property Wrongs by Fabian Thiel.pdf
"Book review_My Giang, Susanne
Book review_Ropohl, Günter_Allgemeine Systemtheorie_ Einführung in transdisziplinäres Denken_by Klaus D. Aurada.pdf
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