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Sourcing strategies, channels and geographies in the international recruitment of a highly skilled work-force
The simulated consumer – an agent-based approach to shopping behaviour
Managing organizational and geographical complexity: the ‘positionality’ of advanced producer services in the globalizing economies of metropolitan regions
Cairo’s informal waste collectors: a multi-scale and conflict sensitive perspective on sustainable livelihoods
Land-cover changes during the past 50 years in the semi-arid tropical forest region of northern Peru
Book reviews 2012 [1]
Geopolitical relations and regional restructuring: the case of the Kumaon Himalaya, India
Governance and new discounter outlets in Germany
Climate and glacier fluctuations in the Bavarian Alps in the past 120 years
Discourse analysis as an instrument to reveal the pivotal role of the media in local acceptance or rejection of a wildlife management project. A case study from the Bavarian Forest National Park
Developing a historically based “Famine Vulnerability Analysis Model” (FVAM) – An interdisciplinary approach
Book reviews 2012 [2]
Variations of the Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya, 2004–2012
Use and constraints on the use of inland valley ecosystems in central Benin: Results from an inland valley survey
Soil functions – Today’s situation and further development under climate change
Population dynamics, changes in land management, and the future of mountain areas in Northern Caucasus: The example of North Ossetia
Doing institutions. A dialectic reading of institutions and social practices and its relevance for development geography
Book reviews 2012 [3]
The livelihood approach: a critical exploration
In-migration as a new process in demographic problem areas of the Alps. Ghost towns vs. amenity settlements in the alpine border area between Italy and Slovenia
A century of motorisation in urban and rural contexts: paths of motorisation in German cities
Emerging polycentric city-regions in Germany. Regionalisation of economic activities in metropolitan regions
“India’s Shenzhen” – A miracle? Critical reflections on New Economic Geography, with empirical evidence from peri-urban Chennai
Book reviews 2012 [4]
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