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Geography and the research on contemporary China
Spatial-temporal patterns and determinants of foreign direct investment in China
The role of foreign and domestic firms in regional innovation systems of latecomer countries: empirical evidence from the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta
The role of high-tech parks in China´s regional economy: empirical evidence from the IC industry in the Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Shanghai
Innovation and inter-firm technological networking: evidence from China´s information communication technology industry
The role of transnational corporations in the Chinese science and technology network
Contested commons – multiple insecurities of pastoralists in North-Eastern Afghanistan
Governance challenges in China’s urban health care system – the role of stakeholders
Risk assessment of dengue virus amplification in Europe based on spatio-temporal high resolution climate change projections
El Niño meets La Niña – anomalous rainfall patterns in the “traditional” El Niño region of southern Ecuador
Phytogeographic divisions, climate change and plant dieback along the coastal desert of northern Chile
Mountain ecosystem response to global change
Fog – boon or bane?
Chemical composition of fog water at Mt. Tateyama near the coast of the Japan Sea in central Japan
The contribution of occult precipitation to sulphur deposition in the Czech Republic
Will the southern African west coast fog be affected by future climate change? Results of an initial fog projection using a regional climate model
Fog water collection and reforestation at a mountain location in a western Mediterranean basin region: air-mass origins and synoptic analysis
Meteorological patterns and fog water collection in Morocco and the Canary Islands
Fog water harvesting on the verge of economic competitiveness
Book reviews 2011 [1]
Book reviews 2011 [2]
Book reviews 2011 [3]
Practice matters! Geographical inquiry and theories of practice
Climate and land-use change as driving forces in lowland semi-natural vegetation dynamics
Spatiotemporal budgeting of soil erosion in the abandoned fields area of the “Rahnstätter Hof” near Michelbach (Taunus Mts., Western Germany)
Gendered activity spaces: trends over three decades in Germany
Are geographers religiously unmusical? Positionalities in geographical research on religion
Assessment of school closures in urban areas by simple accessibility measures
Book reviews 2011 [4]
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