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From hear to there. Sound and the congnitive construction of world in popular audioplays
Stongde revisited: land-use change in Central Zangskar
Urban Political Ecology. Theoretical concepts, challenges, and suggested future directions
Vertical integration and macroeconomic growth: the case of the steel industry
Analyzing city images. Potentials of the “French School of Discourse Analysis”
Socio-environmental change and flood risks: the case of Santiago de Chile
The potential of collective power in a Global Production Network: UNICOME and Metro Cash & Carry in India
Runoff regime changes in German rivers due to climate change
Vegetation succession over an area of a medieval ecological disaster. The case of the Bledów Desert, Poland
Donor-driven land reform in Cambodia – Property rights, planning, and land value taxation
Living apart together over long distances – time-space patterns and consequences of a late-modern living arrangement
The Centennial Edition of the 1908 Alpenverein Map of the Brenta Massif, Italy
Land-based marginal ice cliffs: Focus on Kilimanjaro
Parameterization of glacier inventory data from Jotunheimen/Norway in comparison to the European Alps and the Southern Alps of New Zealand
The contemporary retreat of Tasman Glacier, Southern Alps, New Zealand, and the evolution of Tasman proglacial Lake since AD 2000
Glacier mass balance in the south-eastern Swiss Alps since 1900 and perspectives for the future
An introduction to mountain glaciers as climate indicators with spatial and temporal diversity
Characteristic pattern of species diversity on the Canary Islands
Estimating the impact of forest use on biodiversity in protected areas of developing tropical regions
Stigma and discrimination - An integrative perspective. Spatial disparities and their impact on the introduction of an antiretroviral therapy scheme for HIV and AIDS treatment in Botswana
Degraded pasture distribution and woody enrichment strategies for pasture fertility preservation in the Bragantina region, north-eastern Amazon
Persistence and change of Afghan-German economic cooperation - The case of the New Baghlan Sugar Company
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