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Effectiveness and distributional impacts of payments for reduced carbon emissions from deforestation
Simulating forest dynamics of a tropical montane forest in South Ecuador
Climatic control of radial growth of Cedrela montana in a humid mountain rainforest in southern Ecuador
Thermal structure of a megadiverse Andean mountain ecosystem in southern Ecuador and its regionalization
Digital Soil mapping in Southern Ecuador
Spatial aspects of ecosystem research in a biodiversity hot spot of southern Ecuador - an introduction
A historical review of energy topics in German geographical literature from 1950 to 2008
Fragmented or included? – Impacts of globalization on Addis Ababa’s poor
Peculiarities in the visual appearance of German cities – About locally specific routines and practices in urban design related governance
Perturbation of climatic response at maritime glaciers?
Land-use history and the origins and effects of lianas on tree-communities. The case of secondary forests in Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Intersubjectivity, intercultural hermeneutics and the recognition of the other – theoretical reflections on the understanding of alienness in human geography research
Persistence preferred – on future residential (im)mobility among the generation 50plus
Location, non-agricultural employment, and vulnerability to poverty in rural Thailand
Innovation as a success factor in tourism: empirical evidence from western Austrian cable-car companies
Global cultural governance. Decision-making concerning world heritage between politics and science
Development corporations in the Canadian north – examples for economic grassroots initiatives among the Inuit
Characteristics and Seasonal evolution of firns and snow cornices in the High Vosges mountains (Eastern France)
Environmental changes and human impact on landscape development in the Upper Rhine region
Investigating the transferability of statistical disposition models for slope-type debris flows
Quaternary climate change in Iran – the state of knowledge
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