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Global discourses and the local impacts in Amazonia. Inclusion and exclusion processes in the Rio Negro region
‘New urbanity’ and contemporary forms of public art. Notes on Citizen Firefighter (K. Hunter)
Distribution patterns of the creative class in Hamburg: “openness to diversity” as a driving force for socio-spatial differentiation?
Big ships on the horizon and growing fragmentation at home. Genoa’s transformation of the urban landscape
Population increase and “new-build gentrification” in central Tokyo
New urbanity in metropolitan regions
Assessment of soil redistribution on two contrasting hillslopes in Uganda using Caesium-137 modelling
Cooperation patterns of high-tech companies in Shanghai and Beijing: accessing external knowledge sources for innovation processes
Forecasting water levels at the Yangtze River with neural networks
Energy partnership Africa – Europe: concentrated solar power between technical realization and ethic responsibility
Kashmir and the Northern Areas of Pakistan: boundary-making along contested frontiers
Geo-ecological transect studies in northeast Tibet (Qinghai, China) reveal human-made mid- Holocene environmental changes in the upper Yellow River catchment changing forest to grassland
Strife in the rural idyll? The relationship between autochthons and in-migrants in scenic regions of South Bavaria
Governance and organisational structure in the special tourism sector – buyer-driven or producer-driven value chains? The case of trekking tourism in the Moroccan mountains
Revitalizing the medina of Tunis as a national symbol
Dynamics and driving forces of treeline fluctuation and regeneration in Central Norway during the past decades
Climate change and food security in tropical West Africa – a dynamic-statistical modelling approach
The dynamics of peri-urban land markets in Sub-Saharan Africa: adherence to the virtue of common property vs. quest for individual gain
Diversity of vascular plant species in the montane boreal forest of western Canada in response to climatic changes during the last 25 ka, fire, and land use
Property-led development als neuer Ansatz in der Stadtentwicklung? Das Beispiel der South Boston Waterfront in Boston
Imperial oil: the anatomy of a Nigerian oil insurgency
“We may be in the slum, but the slum is not in us!” Zur Kritik kulturalistischer Argumentationen am Beispiel der Underclass-Debatte
Open port – closed residential quarters? Urban structural transformation in the metropolitan area of Valparaíso, Chile
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