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Altitudinal zonation of climate and vegetation in a global megadiversity centre, Mount Kinabalu (North Borneo)
Econmoy of fascination: Dubai and Las Vegas as examples of themed urban landscapes
Runaway Hollywood: Cold Mountain, Romania
Imagining Geographies of films
Film geography: A new subfield
The Geography of cinema - a cinematic world
100 Jahre globale Wasserbilanz von Eduard Brückner. Eine Würdigung aus heutiger Sicht
Vegetation mapping in Central Asian eco-systems using Landsat ETM+. A case study on the Gobi Gurvan Sayhan Natinal Park
Mass movement processes in unconsolidated Pleistocene sediments - A multi-method investigation at the "Hochgraben" (Jenbach/Upper Bavaria)
Im Auge der Physischen Geographie. Vom Blicken und Sehen
Habituelle Urbanität
Comparative Cultural Geography: Empirical evidence on processes of integration in rural Bolivia, Ivory Coast and Indonesia
Report on the Sino-German Symposium on Wetland Regionalization of Ecosystem Services in the Yangtze River Basin Changsha , Hunan Province, PR China, April 10-15, 2005
Climatic change and potential agricultural productivity in China
Creative People and Gentrification: “Sowing the Seeds of Demise?” Evidence from Newtown , Sydney
Geoarchäologie aus geomorphologischer Sicht: Eine konzeptionelle Betrachtung
Biodiversity in the Agentinean Rolling Pampa ecoregion: changes caused by agriculture and urbanisation
Modeling spatial variability of white spruce (Picea glauca) growth responses to Climate Change at and below treeline in Alaska - A case study from two National Parks
700 years of settlement and building history in the Lötschental, Switzerland
Space, time and political responsibility in the midst of global inequality
Lage und Verteilung der Internetbetriebe in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Space-time variability factors from air pollution inside Paris by CO measurement
Essaouira, “The Wind City” as a “Cultural Product”
The climatologic significance of topography, altitude and region in high mountains – A survey of oceanic-continental differentiations of the Scandes
Regional inventory approach to estimate methane emissions based on soil-land use classes
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