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You are here: Home Archive 1953 Bericht über meine Kolumbienreise 1952

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Bericht über meine Kolumbienreise 1952

DOI: 10.3112/erdkunde.1953.04.06
Year: 1953
Vol: 7
Issue: 4
Pages: 293-298

In 1952 work in the field was carried out in
Colombia by Prof. H. Wilhelmy, D. Phil., of Kiel University.
In the Atlantic coastal fringe investigations were
made of the pasture and arable areas together with a more
detailed study of banana cultivation near Santa Marta.
A journey up the Magdalena Valley to its sources presented
opportunities of making a great number of interesting
observations upon its geomorphology and plant geography.
The Cauca Valley too, was a rewarding field for geomorphological
investigations in addition to the opportunities
it offered for studies of its economic geography, i. e.
gold production and the cultivation of sugar cane and
cocoa. Climatic conditions during the quarternary ice age
and periglacial solifluction were investigated in the Paramos
of the East and Central Cordillera, and over all
three Cordilleras traverses were made on a number of
occasions. During visits to the Pacific coastal zone studies
were made of the tropical rain forest, methods of gold
production and the beginnings of agricultural development.
Somewhat longer sojourns were made for the purpose of
studying the economic core regions of Colombia: the coffee
zone of Antioquia-Caldas, the tobacco district of Santander
and the wheat and potato regions of the cool uplands.

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